PSL T20: Pakistan Super League Complete Fixtures

Pakistan Super League Complete Fixtures

Pakistan Super League complete fixtures have finally been announced by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in an event held in Karachi on 15th December, 2015. The event is only 2 months away from kick off and Pakistan Cricket is making all arrangements with big hopes from the cricket league.

Total 5 teams will compete for the title at 2 different locations in United Arab Emirates. The venues include Dubai Cricket Stadium, Dubai, and Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Sharjah.

Earlier, the Pakistan Super League committee had announced that first ever edition of PSL T20 will be played in February, 2016.

PSL T20: Pakistan Super League Complete Fixtures

Thu Feb 4, 20161st T20 – Islamabad vs QuettaDubai
Fri Feb 5, 20162nd T20 – Karachi vs LahoreDubai
Fri Feb 5, 20163rd T20 – Peshawar vs IslamabadDubai
Sat Feb 6, 20164th T20 – Quetta vs KarachiDubai
Sat Feb 6, 20165th T20 – Lahore vs PeshawarDubai
Sun Feb 7, 20166th T20 – Islamabad vs KarachiDubai
Sun Feb 7, 20167th T20 – Quetta vs PeshawarDubai
Mon Feb 8, 20168th T20 – Lahore vs QuettaDubai
Wed Feb 10, 20169th T20 – Islamabad vs LahoreSharjah
Thu Feb 11, 201610th T20 – Karachi vs PeshawarSharjah
Thu Feb 11, 201611th T20 – Islamabad vs QuettaSharjah
Fri Feb 12, 201612th T20 – Karachi vs LahoreSharjah
Fri Feb 12, 201613th T20 – Peshawar vs IslamabadSharjah
Sat Feb 13, 201614th T20 – Quetta vs KarachiSharjah
Sat Feb 13, 201615th T20 – Lahore vs PeshawarSharjah
Sun Feb 14, 201616th T20 – Islamabad vs KarachiSharjah
Sun Feb 14, 201617th T20 – Quetta vs PeshawarSharjah
Tue Feb 16, 201618th T20 – Lahore vs QuettaDubai
Wed Feb 17, 201619th T20 – Karachi vs PeshawarDubai
Wed Feb 17, 201620th T20 – Islamabad vs LahoeDubai
Fri Feb 19, 20161st Playoff – 1st Place vs 2nd PlaceDubai
Sat Feb 20, 20162nd Playoff – 3rd Place vs 4th PlaceDubai
Sat Feb 20, 20163rd Playoff – Playoff 2 Winner vs Playoff 1 LoserDubai
Tue Feb 23, 2016Finals – TBD vs TBDDubai

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