Indian Schoolkid Pranav Dhanawade scores a Record 1,009 Runs

Pranav Dhanawade scores 1,009

An Indian schoolboy named Pranav Dhanawade has smashed 1000+ runs in single innings shattering the record previously held by AEJ Collins in 1899. Pranav Dhanawade, who is son of a Mumbai Rickshaw driver, scored 1,009 for his team KC Gandhi School in the match against Arya Gurukul School. He remained not out.



The match was officially recognized by Mumbai Cricket Association. His innings included 59 sixes and 129 sixes. His strike-rate was a colossal 312.38.

Here’s the complete scorecard:

Pranav Dhanawade scores a Record 1,009 runs in an Innings
Score card of Pranav Dhanawade’s innings

Dhanawade’s father rushed to the ground when he heard about the feat his son was about to achieve. Later, he spoke to  DNA India.

“He has got cramps. I don’t know what to say but I feel proud that my son has achieved this. Pranav is getting non-stop calls from the media and relatives. He has not even had time to talk to his mother. She is keenly waiting for him to return home.”

Replying to question by Hindustan Times, he added:

“I was nervous throughout but was just happy to see my son batting. There’s a lot of talent in our area but we lack proper facilities for children to play and get trained. For this reason, when Pranav turned nine, I enrolled him for coaching at MIG in Bandra. I would drive my rickshaw in the morning and then we’d leave for MIG in the afternoon and return at night.”

“Cricket equipment costs a lot of money. I have tried to find sponsors for my son but on one occasion I was told that he first needs to make a name for himself.”

Pranav Dhanawade scores a Record 1,009
Pranav Dhanawade celebrates his 1,009 record

Dhanawade’s coach, Mobin Sheikh, told The Indian Express the score would force people to take notice.

“It’s very tough for any player from the suburbs to make it to the Mumbai Under-16 side. Fifties, 60s or even a hundred or two will not make a big impact. He needed a very big score and now that he has achieved it, hopefully he will carry on from here.”

Pranav Dhanawade posing before the match
Pranav Dhanawade posing before the match

The record for the highest individual score was previously held by a 13-year-old AEJ Collins. He scored 628 not out in a house match at Clifton College in June 1899.

Soon after the record, social media reacted to this record. Here is what Sachin Tendulkar thought about it:

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