Aaron Finch 156 from 63 balls [Video]

Aaron Finch 156 from 63 balls

If you are thinking you have seen much from cricket already, I’d say you are totally wrong. Be it the thrilling last ball win-or-loose situations or victory by huge margins; cricket has so much more for the lovers to show. And this won’t end anytime soon because each new game, a new never-seen-before moment can be encountered. Here is one of the most recent thrilling moments courtesy of the 1st T20 between England and Australia.

Australia has lost the hard hitter David Warner earlier for just 1 and English captain, along with the players and literally countless fans, might have taken a deep breath of satisfaction. They never knew what’s coming their way. In fact, no one did except for one man who was out there for something that no  exceptional amount of batsmen could do. It was Aaron Finch’s 7 T20  and what he did to every ball coming his way was, ummm, I guess you should watch and explain to yourself.

Australia ended up with 248 for the loss of 6 wickets. England showed good fight back thanks to superb innings from the young Joe Root who remained not out till the end. He scored 90 runs but that was not enough to put England in a winning position because Aaron Finch had took Australia to such a position that no English player could challenge to reach. The Aussies won the match by 30 runs margin.

Aaron Finch 156 from 63 balls
Aaron Finch 156 from 63 balls


Imran Hunzai
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