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Top 10 Umpires in International Cricket [Infographic]

It doesn’t matter how huge player your are; your fate is decided by the umpires! Just like any other major sport, cricket has its on the field and off the field umpires too. The on the field umpires consist of a standing umpire and a leg umpire. They exchange their positions after every over. The off the field umpire or the third umpire was introduced to review decisions that are captured on camera. The third umpire watches the decision closely in replay and gives his decision. For many years, the third umpire was only referred for run-out reviews but after the evolution of new technology, many other decisions are also dependent on him. The standing umpire watches the bowler’s foot either he crossed the line or its a legal delivery. He also has the authority to diret the bowler to stop in case the batsman is not ready. The standing umpire gives all major decisions and refers to the leg umpire or third umpire if needed. The leg umpire watches for the no ball due to height. He also watches for the run out on his end. Leg umpire also has the authority to refer to third umpire in case a decision is doubtful.

Aleem DarThe cricket world has seen many legendary umpires. A few have been involved in controversies but that’s part of the game. The others, whom the world respects are recognized due to their unbiased decisions. Here is a list of top 10 umpires in international cricket. Though you won’t agree with the order of the list but the list does have the 10 umpires who have played fair and made place in the hearts of cricket lovers.

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Top 10 Umpires in International Cricket

Infographic Credits: Graphs.Net

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