Ali Zafar PSL 2020 Anthem

Ali Zafar to make his own version of PSL 2020 Anthem

Despite not being part of the PSL 2020 anthem, Ali Zafar has been on the PSL-related news headlines for a while now. This year’s official anthem for Pakistan Super League has been termed as “so far the worst among all PSL anthems” by cricket fans and critics alike.

A couple of days ago, Ali Zafar and Ali Azmat, both very well known names in the music industry of Pakistan, made use of media to counter allegations against each other.

The saga started with many PSL fans tweeting about how bad the season 5 anthem was following with a response from Ali Azmat on a national TV. He made allegations that Ali Zafar had paid bloggers to tweet against the PSL 2020 anthem that Ali Azmat was part of.

Ali Azmat had appeared on ARY News in Waseem Badami’s show and expressed his anger with what happened at the Pakistan Super League opening ceremony.

“There are too many elements involved. I’m not sure if its PCB, show broadcasters or directors who are at blame. It could be time constraints because the match needed to start on time, but either way – most of the artists left upset.” said an angry Ali Azmat.

A few days later on the same show, upon questions by ARY News anchor Waseem Badami about the allegations, Ali Zafar jokingly said: “You can also contact me if you want to bring or topple a government.”

Ali Zafar has made three consecutive PSL anthems while Ali Azmat featured in the PSL 2020 anthem called “Tayyar Hain” along with artists like Asim Azhar, Haroon Rashid, and Arif Lohar.

The singer-turned-actor has now announced he will come up with his own version of PSL Anthem, which is something many Pakistan Super League fans on Twitter have encouraged.

On 23 February, Ali Zafar Tweeted a video of himself working in his studio. The tweet says “Bhaee Aa Raha hai! #bhaeehazirhai”.

The very next day, Ali Zafar tweeted another video with some artists doing the Bhangra.
“Little warm up before recording the Dhols. Jo maza “live” mein hai. Jo maza life hai. Enjoy kerein. #bhaeehazirhai” said Ali Zafar in the tweet.

It’s still not known when Ali Zafar’s version of PSL anthem will be released but one thing is for sure: The makers of the original PSL anthem are not going to be very happy, especially the Sufi-rock star Ali Azmat.

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