Ahmed Jamal winner Ufone King of Speed

Ahmed Jamal – Winner of Ufone King of Speed

Ahmed Jamal winner Ufone King of Speed

Pakistan has immense cricketing talent and yet hundreds of talented player can’t make their way to international and even national level cricket due to lack of talent hunt programs. In a recent camp by Ufone name “King of Speed” Ahmed Jamal from Abbottabad bowled with a speed of 148 km/h. The contest was held at National Stadium in Karachi in the quest of the fast bowlers. A prize money of 1 million PKR attracted many cricket enthusiasts from areas like Abbottbad and other regions who hailed to the south most city of the region to claim the title as well as the prize money.

The week long training camp was rather disappointing with no one exceeding 140k limit but the final day

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