Pakistan Super League (PSL T20) All Set to Start in February 2016

Pakistan Super League (PSL T20) All Set to Start in February 2016

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After over six years of continuous struggle from Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), the Pakistan Super League (PSL T20) is finally set to start in February, 2016. Pakistan Cricket Board first announced Pakistan Super League in 2009 but due to the ongoing political situation in the country, the dream could not come true for over six years.

The premier league was earlier named as Pakistan Premier League but it conflicted with the existing Football League in Pakistan. Two years later, it was decided to rename the cricket league to Pakistan Super League.

In 2013, the official logo of Pakistan Super League (PSL T20) was revealed in a bid to gear up the marketing and promotion campaign.

In 2014, Pakistan Cricket Board announced that the inaugural edition of Pakistan Super League will be played in December, 2014, which never happened.

Earlier in 2015, PCB made another announcement about PSL T20 being played by the end of the year which could not be materialized as well.

In September 2015, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) announced for the 3rd

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