Zimbabwe Suspends Tour to Pakistan After Karachi Bus Attack

Zimbabwe Suspends Tour to Pakistan After Karachi Bus Attack
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Zimbabwe has suspended their tour to Pakistan due to security reasons. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was much anticipating Zimbabwe’s visit to Pakistan that was scheduled to be started from May 17.

An official statement of Cricket Zimbabwe has stated that the tour has been abandoned after Islamist terrorists targeted a bus filled with Ismailis in Karachi. The attack took lives of 43 people including both men and women. Zimbabwe Cricket board was suggested by Sports and Recreational Commission (SRC) not to visit Pakistan to avoid any security mishaps.

The series was very crucial for Pakistan as there has not been a single international cricket match played after Sri Lankan Cricket team was attacked by another Islamist group in Lahore 6 years ago.

Zimbabwe had to play 3 ODIs and 2 T20 matches in Lahore during their tour to Pakistan.

The only hope for Pakistan to revive international cricket has sadly died once again.

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